Tumut High School students visit significant cultural meeting places and spaces

Significant Cultural Meeting Places and Spaces

Our students participated in a Mentor Program during Terms 3 and 4 2020, and learnt about culturally significant Meeting Places and community members local to Tumut. They went on immersive trips to places where Aboriginal Peoples, including the Wiradjuri, Ngunnawal and Wolgalu Peoples, met. These included Bila Park, Yarrangobilly Caves, Micalong Swamp, the Junction, Shelleys Creek, Hannibal Hamilton burial site, and Yolde Campsite.

These trips were impactful because our students connected with, and were mentored by Aboriginal community leaders and Elders. From these inspirational mentors we learnt how Aboriginal Meeting Places and movements were governed by ceremony, the landscape, and the seasonal changes that affected shelter and food sources. They also learnt how incredibly sustainable and resourceful their relationship was with the surrounding environment.

Thank you to the NSW Government-funded Stronger Country Community Program, Brungle Tumut Local Aboriginal Land Council and Petaurus Education Group for facilitating and supporting this meaningful program.

Maddison Shaw, Petaurus Education Group.

Story contributed by Yvette Stiles from Tumut High School. Published in 2021.