Living Books

Living Books – Wednesday 25 July 2018

In celebration of the NAIDOC theme Because of Her, We Can! four brave guest speakers from the local Aboriginal community spoke to Year 9 ALP students.

Aunty Sonie Piper, Aunty Phyllis Freeman, Uncle Pat Connolly and Aunty Cheryl Penrith became ‘living books’, speaking to small groups of students about inspirational females. This was a memorable and powerful experience of oral narratives for the students. Staff (especially Librarian Ms Stiles) were very grateful for the speakers giving their time to share their knowledge and life experiences.

Participant, Tumut High School student Grace Denny writes:

The students who had this experience enjoyed their company. The year group listened respectfully and had a handful of questions afterwards. Aunty Sonie spoke about her childhood and although she got moved around she would always try to look for the positive things. Thus teaching the kids that when things go bad, you can get a positive outcome, if that’s how you look at things.

Story contributed by Yvette Stiles and Grace Denny from Tumut High School. Published in 2019.